What the hell is "Almighty Bogleg?"

I will now attempt to explain.

Part 1

al.mighty \o.l-'mi-t-e-\ aj [ME, fr. OE ealmihtig, fr. eall all + mihtig
   mighty] often cap 1: having absolute power over all {Almighty God}
   2:relatively unlimited in powerAlmighty n : GOD - used with the

Part 2a

1. bog \'ba:g, 'bo.g\ \'ba:g-e-, 'bo.g-\ n [of Celt origin; akin to OIr
   bocc soft; akin to OE bu-gan to ben]d - more at BOW : wet spongy ground;
   esp : a poorly drained usu. acid area rich in plant residues, frequently
   surrounding a body of open water, and having a characteristic flora (as
   of sedges, heaths, and sphagnum) - bog.gy aj

2. bog vb or bogged; or bog.ging : to sink into or as if into a bog : MIRE

Part 2b

1. leg \'leg, 'la-g\ \-l*s\ n [ME, fr. ON leggr; akin to OE li-ra muscle
   calf, L lacertusX muscle, upper arm 1: a limb of an animal used esp. for
   supporting the body and for walking : as 1a: the part of the vertebrate
   limb between the knee and foot 1b: the back half of a hindquarter of a
   meat animal 2a: a pole or bar serving as a support or prop 2b: a branch
   of a forked or jointed object 3: the part of an article of clothing that
   covers the leg 4: OBEISANCE, BOW - used chiefly in the phrase to make a
   leg 5: either side of a triangle as distinguished from the base or
   hypotenuse 6: BOOST 7a: the course and distance sailed by a boat on a
   single tack 7b: a portion of a trip : STAGE 7c: one section of a relay
   race 8: a branch or part of an object or system - leg.less aj

2. leg vt or legged; or leg.ging : to use the legs in walking; esp : RUN

Now, all you have to do to understand "bogleg" is to try to make good, solid sense out of the material presented above, along with the word "mure," by mixing and matching elements from parts 2a and 2b and at least one instance of the added word, "mure." Once you have tried several times and come up with some interesting concepts that probably make very little sense, you can sit back, scratch your head, and just go, "Uhh, ... bogleg." Now, consider the twisted mass your brain has become on a grand scale, and you may be within a light-year of the concept described by adding part 1 to the relatively simple "bogleg." This further complicated notion is known as "Almighty Bogleg."